The Great Run 16Greetings Great Runners,

Welcome to one of the most unusual updates you have ever seen, but nothing we have not done before. You may need to take a seat for this one because it is... heavy.


Over the years The Great Run has established itself as the bastion of blending exploration and charity while providing a test of mettle for the participants; a test involving technical driving or endurance, or in some cases both.

It therefore followed that some felt a little unchallenged by the latest route set for The Great Run XVI, citing distance and difficulty (or the lack thereof) and being a little un-Great Run-like. Well, who are we if not risers to the occasion? The Great Run has directors and organizers who listen, and we listened which is why one of the organizing entities, the Motoring Press Agency, sent a team out to remedy the situation; and what this team found is... nothing short of epic. Y'all wanted a challenge? Y'all got one now!

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The Great Run XV
June 2019

It is a bit hard to contain the excitement behind this but let us try. Was the immediate former dry season getting you down? Do you want to see some trees? Are you tired of always driving fast or aggressively out of necessity owing to the fast-paced vagaries of city life; or have you always been put off by the thought of The Great Run being a race (which it most definitely is NOT)? Do you want to see some fresh sights? Do you have a passpo... wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Listen:

The Great Run XIV
December 1, 2018

Is it just me or does it feel like forever between one Great Run and the next? 2018 has been a tough year and we sure could use a break... and a smile! Show. Your. Teeth. Like. Sha. Shabaaa Rrranks!

The Great Run XIII
June 1, 2018

You know what else June 1st is? In 2018, this will be the date of commencement for the Great Run XIII, which we have named "The Long Weekend", and you will shortly find out why. Crack open your piggy banks and break out the holiday hats, we hereby present to you a plan for the three-day vacation. You will want to hear this.

The Great Run XII - 4x4
December 12, 2017

We are drawing to a close of what has been one of the most interesting years in the country's history; and not necessarily interesting in a good way. We are pretty sure the events that unfolded since on the political scene since August 8th have left a bad taste in everybody's mouth, irrespective of affiliation. Can we just get over this nonsense and continue with our lives please...

The Great Run XI
November 15, 2017

First off, may we just express our unreserved gratitude for your contribution over the years. We really are thankful and - because of you, just for you and only with you - we will forge forward into the future doing what we've always done: making the world a better place and having fun while at it. So let's forge forward, shall we?

The Great Run X
November 11, 2017

X marks the spot. The universal buried treasure symbol used on ancient maps bears good tidings for us as well. X marks the treasure spot; just the same way that X marks the tenth installation in the now established Great Run series. We really are growing. The Great Run X is here.

The Great Run 9
Octuber 26, 2017

Cease all thy toils; Rest thine hands upon the tools of thy trade and take a brief pause from thy travails all ye wonderful beings; For we hath a clamor to make upon thine ears; And we beseech thee to hearken to the clarion call that we make; For we make it in earnest: THE GREAT RUN IS BACK!

Petrol Heads with a Cause!

Camaraderie. Philanthropy. Visual drama. Most of all, FUN. This is not a ceremony where a clique of kids is given a cash handout to spend as they will; this is The Great Run.

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