The Great Run

Camaraderie. Philanthropy. Visual drama. Most of all, FUN. This is not a ceremony where a clique of kids is given a cash handout to spend as they will; this is The Great Run.

July 14th was D-Day for a group of motoring enthusiasts in 17 cars and on 8 bikes. The brief was this: get a gathering of like-minded petrol-heads for a run from Nairobi to Namanga. Entry was open to anyone in any self-propelled vehicle. Stop along the way, at Kitengela, for a short burst of charity; target: Hawa Children’s Home (now the kids get a handout). Drive on to Namanga. Drive back to Nairobi. Enjoy yourself in the process.

We did enjoy ourselves, as is apparent from the pictorial feature in the gallery.

The Run is a charity event. We approach homes and shelters and provide food stuff, clothing and much more.

The Great Run acts as a podium from which we aim to dispel the false notion that a love of cars is synonymous with lack of responsibility on the road.