The Great Run 10

Greetings, Good People!!

X marks the spot.

The universal buried treasure symbol used on ancient maps bears good tidings for us as well. X marks the treasure spot; just the same way that X marks the tenth installation in the now established Great Run series. We really are growing.

The Great Run X is here.

Without further ado, this is the general overview:

Date: December 3 - 4 2016
Route: Nbi - Masai Mara - Nbi
Entry fee: KES 5000 per vehicle

Day 1:

Nairobi -Mai Mahiu - Narok - Sekenani

The children's home is Olmalaika

From there we drive into the park (inside the Mara Triangle) for our overnight stay.

Day 2:

Exit via Oloololo Gate - Narok - Mai Mahiu - Nairobi.

Regroup sites: 
1. ABC place start point
2. Shell/Total petrol stations Narok
3. Olmalaika Children's Home, Sekenani
4. Mara bridge crossing into the Mara Triangle.

Total distance: ~570km


We have instituted a slight change in the registration process. While it is still done via our web portal here, we have done away with the PesaPal connection and now accept direct M-Pesa payments. Click here to register and see how it now works!


Ashnil Mara Camp (Serena is booked). 
Kids under 12 pay 75% of the charge. Kids under 4 years free.

Offer open only for Great Runners.

For bookings call Sankesh on 0723 676000 
Email : [email protected]This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For both places, Mara Sun Lodge and Ashnil, when calling for bookings, you will need to clearly indicate that you are from The Great Run so that you can enjoy these rates.

Keep it tuned here for more updates.

The Great Run